Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Die Young(TX) Discography 2002-2009

One of the hardest working bands of the last decade. A band I feel never got the recognition they deserved for the accomplishments they made. They averaged over 100 shows a year, toured all over the globe, and wrote some of the most sincere, passionate and inspiring hardcore you'll come across.

You get 45 songs clocking in at just over 80 minutes. The only recordings not included on the tape are the 4 demo tracks which were rerecorded for the release of The Message. Instead you get the original recordings.

Painted and screen printed tapes come in a gatefold package, with a slip cover, featuring black-on-black artwork.
Comes with a 24 page 2.5"x4" lyric booklet containing all recording info including comps they've appeared on. Testimonials from some of those most involved with DYTX, and the full band roster from beginning to end.

Red Tapes/25 + Photozine
White Tapes/25
Grey Tapes/50

Everything is handmade.


  1. hey kevin, we have the new band of mercy tapes in about two weeks! wanna do a trade?

    you can check out the full layout for the new tapes and download it free:

    lemme know! also if you wanna post that link for downloading it up anywhere feel free! I haven't had nearly as much time to get out there and post it around!

  2. Is there any more Die Young merch available on the net? This band ripped.

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